January 25th, 2010

Past the half way mark of the wintersession (and almost into February) and I still feel like I’m settling in.  Settling in to the video editing, animation idea, settling in to the teaching idea, settling in to the year 2010.  All of this settling and yet somehow progress has been made- I think.  I have ideas for my thesis installation, I have a body of research headed my way any day now from all around and I’ve made some animations of the written word.  However these animation studies have me interested in still another example of the written word.  Of course with the advent of digital projectors and the death of the film canister movies, this doesn’t happen any more, but at the end of a movie- the very end- after the credits and gag reels, after the studio identification, there’s a point when the film runs out and just before, you can see (just barely, they’re so fast) hand-written words buzz by the screen, then all white and you can hear very faintly the sputter of the film’s tail, spinning around and brushing against the other reel.  What a beautiful experience.  It’s so short, it’s so fleeting but it exists and I relish it.  I have to get my hands on some old film to find out how this works, so if you or anyone you know has any or can get any- please let me know!!

Along with this, I’ve rediscovered screenprint now that I’m teaching it.  With the feedback I get from my research study, I hope to make a portfolio of screenprints, intaglio (photogravure) prints and maybe a woodcut or two…  No idea how it will look or even what scale it will shape up to be, but I’m excited about it.

Wax is coming back!!  Another manifestation of this project will (hopefully) be in encaustic.  Stay tuned for sketches of all these things!

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