New Video Work – now on to the prints, then paintings and scultpure.

The act of writing is in essence the manipulation of a set code of characters to portray a person’s mindset, ideas and desires at a given point in time. Such an act is an act of preservation- preserving one’s self for the future self and the future others. In this way, the acts of a logical and moral population are simply the implementation of a set code of ethics. The imperative in this video is from Kant’s lectures on ethics. “Act as if the maxim of your action were to become by your will a universal law of nature.” Simply put, let each decision you make be one that you wish any person would make in similar circumstances. It is my theory that each person’s actions within a moral code appear as different from one another and as similar to each other as one’s handwriting differs from another’s, or even from his own between one day and the next.

Just a thought.

Now for the thesis.  What do you think? a narrative? an explanatory text? just a great print portfolio?

I really enjoy painting – maybe I’ll get back into that too. But what to paint?  I don’t want to go backwards, but everything I want to paint, I’ve painted versions of before.  Can I do that just because I want to, even though I have this thesis show to set up?  Well, there’s always the New York show too….

Thanks for reading!


One response to “New Video Work – now on to the prints, then paintings and scultpure.

  1. This is beautiful! Not just the video, but how you describe your crazy beautiful mind! Love you!

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